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Greetings from the New Director of Special Education, RtI, and DataBryan_picture

      I would like to take this opportunity and introduce myself. My name is Bryan Fairbrother and I am the district’s Director of Special Education, Response to Intervention (RtI), and Data. I took over the duties that Mr. Bragan previously held on an interim basis. Since July 2, I have spent much time working with the district’s administrative team on improving plans for ensuring student success through the development of individualized education programs. In my role, I will oversee the special education process, also known as the Committee on Special Education, the Committee on Preschool Special Education, serve as the Section 504 Coordinator, be the district’s leader of Response to Intervention (RtI), and serve as the District Data Coordinator. 

       While I am new to this position, I am not new to the district. I served as the district’s Educational Data Analyst from November 2014 through June 2018. I began working at the Mohawk Regional Information Center (MORIC) in July of 2014 and became the Educational Data Services Team Leader in December of 2015. In the Spring of 2018, I was recognized at the Genesis Awards as a distinguished educational leader from the MORIC. Prior to joining MORIC, I was also a classroom teacher for eight years. I taught for three years at Inlet Common School in the capacity of AIS and Special Education Teacher, and five years with the Utica City School District as an elementary special education teacher.

       I grew up in Utica and Old Forge, earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Childhood Education from the State University College at Oneonta, my Master’s of Science degree in Special Education from Touro College, and my Certificate of Advanced Studies degree in Educational Leadership from the State University College at Cortland. I am excited to be a member of the Leadership Team at Morrisville-Eaton. My focus on the team will be to enhance and maximize engagement, learning, and achievement for all students by encouraging the use of best practices in teaching.

       I am truly elated to be a full-time member of Morrisville-Eaton Central Schools community. I look forward to working with administrators, teachers, students, and parents to ensure all students are able to achieve their highest potential. Please feel free to call me at 315-684-3639, send me an email, or stop by my office at E.R. Andrews Elementary, if you have any special education concerns or ideas for improving our program.

Contact Information:
Chairperson: Mr. Bryan Fairbrother
Secretary: Mrs. Cheryl Freeborn

Telephone Number: 684-3639
Fax Number: 684-9192
Address: P.O. Box 990
Morrisville, NY 13408

Coming Soon: Informational Series for Parents & Families of Students with Disabilities

Stay tuned for more information on a special education series beginning in October 2018. The series will be geared toward parents of students with disabilities, but all parents are welcome. I look forward to working with all to support our students and ensure their success!

Parent/Guardian Rights Regarding Referral & Evaluation
of Children for Special Education Services

       If you have a child under 5 and you have noticed that your child is not developing skills such as walking, talking, or playing like other young children, you may want to talk to your family doctor. Your doctor may be able to reassure you that children develop at different rates and your child is within the normal developmental scales. If, however, the doctor is concerned, or you are still not comfortable with your child’s progress, you may make a referral to the district’s Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE).

       If your school-age child is having difficulties in school, first talk to his or her teacher. Our district offers supports for students within regular education such as psychological services, speech and language improvement services, curriculum and instructional modifications, and Academic Intervention Services. If you, the teacher and principal have not been able to help your child, your child may have a disability which affects his or her learning. To find out, you can make a referral to the Committee on Special Education (CSE).

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