Vacancy Postings

MECS Substitute Teacher Application
MECS Non-Instructional Application

Instructional and Non-Instructional Substitutes

MECS is actively looking for substitute teachers (certified or uncertified) as well as non-instructional substitutes to fill in throughout the district as needed

If you are interested in being a Substitute for MECS, fill out the appropriate application above and mail to:

Morrisville Eaton Business Office

PO Box 990
Morrisville, NY 13408


Substitute School Nurse

MECS is looking for RN or LPN's to substitute as needed at  the Elementary or Middle/High School. Interested candidates need to posses current NYS registered nurse or licensed nurse practitioner certificate
 Interested candidates should contact:
Tracy Durkee, Middle/High Principal


Substitute Cleaner

MECS is looking for a Substitute Cleaners to fill in as needed at the Elementary School or Middle/High School

 Interested candidates should contact:
Mr. Matt Jacobs
Building and Grounds Supervisor
P.O. Box
Morrisville, NY 13408



2019-2020 Spring Coaching Positions:

Modified Track and Field

Modified Baseball

Modified Softball

If you wish to coach one of these sports, please express your interest in writing to:

Mr. Christopher Doroshenko, Athletic Director
Morrisville-Eaton Central School

P.O. Box 990, Morrisville, NY 13408

(315) 684-5905