Employee of the Year

Annually, the Morrisville-Eaton Board of Education selects one instructional employee , and one non-instructional employee of the Morrisville-Eaton Central School District to receive the Employee of the Year Award. District residents, employees and students are encouraged to nominate any district employee for this award. 

The Board of Education reviews the nominations and selects the recipient. The deadline for applications is the end of March. For more information or to obtain a copy of the nomination form, please call Jodi at 315-684-9300.

The Employee of the Year Award recipients are listed on a plaque located at both the Elementary and Middle/High School. From 1984-2007 the district acknowledged one employee of the year. In 2007-2008 it was decided that splitting into two categories would provide the opportunity to honor twice as many people. Morrisville-Eaton is a learning community in which all the staff play a key role in the success of our students, and the dual recognition provides an opportunity to celebrate that fact. 

Past recipients include: 
Patricia Weimer, Teacher and Teacher Aide, 1984-85
Richard Loomis, Physical Education Teacher, 7-12 and Coach, 1985-86
Lillian Crowell, Food Service, Elementary School, 1986-87
Karen Jacobs, School Nurse-Teacher, Elementary School, 1987-88
Helen Russock, Elementary Education Teacher, 1988-89
Patricia Vaughan, Physical Education Teacher, 7-12 and Coach, 1989-90
Sylvia McKinnon, Elementary Education Teacher, 1990-91
James Sterle, Transportation - Head Mechanic, 1991-92
Betty Bonney, Business Education Teacher, 1992-93
Darlene Mennig, Food Service, Middle/High School, 1993-94
Sandra Glenister, Home Economics Teacher, 1994-95
Eileen Parker, Teacher Aide, Elementary School, 1995-96
Clairese Russell, Secondary Mathematics Teacher, 1996-97
Richard Davis, School Bus Driver, 1997-98
Sue Miller, Secondary Science Teacher, 1998-99
Frank Macera, Physical Education Teacher K-6, 1999-2000 l
Edith Hughes, School Bus Driver, 2000-2001
Anthony Gerakopoulos, Foreign Language Teacher, 2001-2002
Constance Perry, Middle/High School Secretary, 2002-2003
Gina Wisniewski, Elementary Teacher/Technology Specialist, 2003-2004
Jacalyn Groves, Elementary Library/Media Specialist, 2004-2005
Joyce Nevison, Enrichment Teacher, 2005-2006
Lucinda Martin, Elementary Music Teacher, 2006-2007
Lawrence Kline, AIS Reading Teacher, 2007-2008 Instructional
Bradley Sherwood, Head Mechanic, 2007-2008 Non-Instructional
Joseph McLean, Secondary Teacher, 2008-2009 Instructional
Naydene Ames, Principal's Secretary, 2008-2009 Non-Instructional
Joseph Capotosto, K-12 Assistant Principal, 2009-2010 Instructional
Ann Marie Martorana, M/H School Nurse, 2009-2010 Non-Instructional
Bruce Donker, Secondary Science Teacher, 2010-2011 Instructional
Mary Ellen English, Elementary School Nurse, 2010-2011 Non-Instructional 
James McCarthy, Middle/High School Music Teacher, 2011-2012 Instructional
Michael Perry, Cleaner, 2011-2012 Non-Instructional
Bethany Geatrakas, Middle/High School Librarian, 2012-2013 Instructional
Marva Maciag, Elementary Teacher Aide, 2012-2013 Non-Instructional
Jennifer Pierce, Elementary School Teacher, 2013-2014 Instructional
Linda Richardson-Bataille, Middle/High Teacher Aide, 2013-2014 Non-Instructional
Carrie Martin, Elementary School Teacher, 2014-2015 Instructional
Richard Bowie, Head of Buildings and Grounds, 2014-2015 Non-Instructional
Erin Kleinhans, Elementary School Teacher, 2015-2016 Instructional
Ronnie Sabine, Buildings and Grounds, 2015-2016 Non-Instructional
Stephanie Hughes, Elementary Teacher, 2016-2017 Instructional
Karen Dailey, Middle/High School Secretary, 2016-2017 Non-Instructional
Joe Willis, Computer Service Technician, 2017-2018Non-Instructional
Michele Cesta, Guidance Counselor, 2017-2018 Instructional
Cindy Hauck, Cook Manager, 2018-2019 Non-Instructional
Emilie Roher, Elementary Special Education Teacher, 2018-2019 Instructional
Due to COVID-19, the recognition went out to all faculty/staff who worked together during a crisis., 2019-2020