Superintendent's Message

Message from the Superintendentsuperintendent

Welcome to the Morrisville-Eaton Warriors' website. Take some time to navigate the various pages and calendars developed by our remarkable faculty and staff.

It is easy to take the qualities of our community for granted. There are few places that parallel the beauty and atmosphere of Morrisville-Eaton.

The backdrop of rolling hills and forests, the serenity of lakes and streams, the character of historical homes, vast farmland, and a SUNY college in our backyard are just a few of the physical qualities that make our community special. The physical beauty of our region is incredible, but the primary asset of our district is the caring people that comprise it. The faculty, staff, and residents of our District are connected in a powerful child-centered way.

I look forward to embracing the qualities of our caring school community as we explore new opportunities to enrich the lives of our students. Working together, I’m confident we can find creative ways to provide all of our students relevant ways to learn the skills necessary for life success. Go Warriors!

Gregory Molloy
Superintendent of Schools 

No written word, no spoken plea can teach our youth what they should be.
Nor all the books on all the shelves, it's what the teachers are themselves.

John Wooden